6mm ww2 terrain

Testing out Terrain for 6mm WW2

I tested out some terrain I made recently for WW2 at 6mm (1/300) scale wargames. I made some basic fields out of card, clump foliage and flock and I think they look pretty good. The trees were cheap on ebay and again on  simple card base.

I also used some paper 1/300 buildings on a simple card stand – bought on Wargames Vault. The buildings look huge don’t they for a microarmor game! They’re quite nice buildings, cheap and easy to make so no complaints there. I have read that people often use 2mm or 3mm scale buildings for 6mm and I think I might go down that route in the future. I’m planning on doing 1 stand = 1 platoon rather than a squad so a smaller building imprint would make sense.

WW2 6mm terrain WW2 6mm terrain

2 thoughts on “Testing out Terrain for 6mm WW2”

  1. Good to see this post. I’m currently considering going down the 6mm road for WWII. I have a lot of 20mm (models, figures and terrain) so the decision to change direction is not easy. I like your building but I also think your idea of using 3mm or 2mm is interesting.

    1. Thanks Ian. I took the plunge and bought a few 3mm buildings from Battlescale. They look pretty good actually next to 6mm figures. I’ll post up some pictures at some point.

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