Dragons Rising – Progress Update

I am going to post regular updates on how work is progressing on my new novel Dragons Rising. Partly to give you, dear reader, an update, but also partly to keep myself motivated to progress the project.

So far I have written about 8,000 words and moved onto the fourth chapter. Currently I have paused in actual writing to double back and do some more planning. This is something that I have found is a good way of making sure I’m on track and integrating what I have learnt from writing the first few chapters.

I have been tracking how much I am writing each day, with the intention of trying to stay on a target of words written per week – with the idea that I should then be able to finish it before the end of the year. I have been doing that – slightly behind at the moment, but I’m not stressed about that. One extra thing I decided to do was to also track how much time I was spending on writing each time – it tends to be about half an hour a day – not much, but it tends to be the only time I have available for writing each day, but I can still get in 500-800 words in that time, which is quite good I think. So by tracking time I can also see how much time in total I have spent on the book – including planning time now! So this week I haven’t added any new words to the draft, but I have done two hours of solid planning.

Until next time!

Dragons Rising – a New Novel Project

I have started writing a new novel – Dragons Rising. It’s a fantasy novel set in my Neriador/Ladmas setting – the same place where Return of the Free is set. It involves suprisingly and wizards, and plots! The idea is that it’s a bit of a thriller/fantasy book.

I thought I would make some regular blog posts to track progress, motivate myself and keep you all informed about how I am getting on.

The plan at the moment is to do about 4,000 words a week and finish a first draft before the end of the year. So far over the last couple of weeks I have done 6,500 words – so a bit behind schedule already! I’m not going to worry too much about that, but will still aim to do 800 words a day Monday to Friday if I can – maybe if I go over a bit each day I will catch-up a bit. But the main thing is to keep writing.

I might mention some of the characters and themes as I go along as well. Also I’ll aim to start proper blogging soon as well – with a specific subject once a week – probably writing or history related.

More updates soon!