Spotted Another Historical Inaccuracy in Azincourt by Bernard Cornewell

Elevation at the final doxology of the Euchari...
Elevation at the final doxology of the Eucharistic Prayer in a Mass celebrated by a single priest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Got to the end of Azincourt by Bernard Cornwell today. It was a good read, although I found that his efforts to explain certain things about this iconic battle in English history did obscure the storytelling – he seemed to be trying a bit too hard to show how certain things happen – i.e. this is how such a small English army beat such a big French one. A good read, but I wonder if it could have been better – a bit more naturally told somehow?

In my last post about Azincourt

I mentioned an historical inaccuracy regarding the Bishop of Oxford. Well right at the end I spotted another one – this time there is a priest who offers to say two masses in one day – however, a priest is only ever allowed to say one mass a day except in special circumstances.

I guess I shouldn’t be too picky though – I am sure my own work contains just as many mistakes, but these two did jump out at me!

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  1. I’m halfway through this book now. I’m enjoying it as I do all of Cornwell’s books. For the most part, I find Cornwell to be extremely accurate in his novels, though as you mention, you could certainly nitpick and find some things.

    In relation to one of your other posts, I’m looking forward to your articles on self-publishing pros and cons. Self-publishing is in the back of my mind but I haven’t researched it very much at this point.

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