War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy – new Page on Praeter Naturam

Following on from my posting of information about Leo Tolstoy’s The Cossacks, I have now created a new page about one of Tolstoy’s greatest classics: War and Peace.

War and Peace is one of those novels that a lot of people think about reading, but never get round to, probably being put off by the sheer size of the thing. But it’s really a page-turner in my opinion. If you have any interest in either human relationships, warfare or history, then War and Peace I would say is a must read for you.

On my War and Peace page I provide a bit more information about the book, and links to the first chapter, a list of characters and a bibliography for further reading.

A number of eBook editions of War and Peace are available as well asprinted versions. I’ll leave it to you take your choice.

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