Back on track

Finally I have finished a scene. It seems to have taken me about a month to finish one chapter which has really been annoying me. I’m not sure why, but it just did. I had to go back and write a scene explaining something about one of my characters, which meant writing a scene 14 a. when I was up to about scene 19. Combined with lots of travel and work commitment this really sauntered along at the speed of slug. Got there in the end, but much too slowly and as a result didn’t feel right. There’s something much more satisfying about writing quickly even if the end result turns out to be a load of c**p.

I surprised myself yesterday by picking up the end of scene 19 and finishing it off in half an hour from a cold start – i.e. I didn’t even read through the preceding part of the scene. Perhaps it was the release of tension I felt by writing something that wasn’t scene 14 a!

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