Time to reflect: Novel Update

A quick novel update here for Hell has its Demons

When I write “Time to reflect” I mean in the novel rather than here on this blog.

Just started a new chapter where Roger is about to go off and start his investigations. His first witness is the Precentor. In the Abbey’s he’s basically the person who looks after the Church liturgy and arranges the music and psalms sung by the monks. Now I could have just plunged straight into the interview, but I decided to start the chapter with a bit of reflection from Roger.

Why? Well Roger’s a scientist and he’s not very good with people, and he’s been thrust into the role of an investigator by an Abbot who’s desperate for answers about the demon’s infesting his town. So I thought it would be useful for Roger to reflect on how this change made him feel – he’s nervous about it, but also excited about the prospect of finding out about what’s going on.

So a paragraph or two at the beginning of this chapter for Roger to reflect and then off to see the Precentor I think. It just felt write to stop the narrative at this point for the reader to find out more about what Roger is thinking in detail rather than just in passing while the action progresses.

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