Alt Hist magazine submissions coming along nicely

A bit less blogging recently because I have been concentrating on managing the flow of submissions to Alt Hist. We’ve had quite a good number of submissions in and I am received to say that a lot of these are good enough to be published. Some have not quite made the grade, but so far three have – as I blogged about on the Alt Hist site. Of those that have been rejected, some of them were very good, but didn’t quite do it for me. As well as quality I am also looking for stories that I like, which I suppose is what all Editors do in the end – you have to be subjective, if you don’t like a story, it’s unlikely that your readers will either.

If you are writing short pieces of historical fiction or alternate history then please do visit Alt Hist and submit your work. I would also love to see some non-fiction too – reviews and features about historical fiction and alternate history.

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