Review of Bisclavret (The Werewolf)

Steven Till, a fellow blogger and writer of historical fiction, has posted a very kind review of Bisclavret (The Werewolf) over at his blog.

Steven found the story “engaging and thrilling. As an eighteen page short story, it reads quickly: his pacing is good, the dialogue is tight, and the plot is absorbing. His style is clean and precise and executed extremely well.”

Although he “did feel that some of the characters could have used more fleshing out, Bertrand for one, and on some levels Edward.”

One of the pleasures of writing and getting published is to get a reaction from readers, and I am really pleased that I have been able to get this story out to a wider audience.

Steven has a wonderful website that is a must for anyone interested in history and historical fiction, particularly set in the Middle Ages. Steven also has some of his own stories posted on his site, all of which are well worth a read.

You can read a free preview of Bisclavret (The Werewolf) at Smashwords and then purchase a copy if you are interested in reading the whole thing for $0.99.

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3 thoughts on “Review of Bisclavret (The Werewolf)”

  1. Dear MArk I am an italian lady and together with a she-friend wrote and published oone month ago Bisclavret Storia Luminosa di Tempi Bui (Bisclavret,Illuminated story of dark times) where we imagine Bisclavret’s life after the story told by MAria di Francia ends. It is not a typical fantasy novel, but fantasy and mystery pop up because they are features of medieval literature. Should you be interested in more details you can have a look at facebook Bisclavret Torrarmata Aimone or you can contact me at

    1. Hi Vittoria

      That sounds really interesting. Do you have the novel online anywhere? I’d be happy for you to provide a link to the Facebook page or website so that people can get more information about it. Is it available in English at all?

      Sounds like a great idea.


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