Chivalry on Critique Circle

If anyone out there uses Critique Circle and fancies critiquing my latest story “Chivalry”, then it’s now on the Newbie Queue. It should be there until 23rd February.

Haven’t used this site before, so I am looking forward to seeing how it works.

I hope you like the story.

One thought on “Chivalry on Critique Circle”

  1. Did you get some good feedback on your story? I didn’t realize that it was a short story and not an opening chapter to a novel. So yes, it makes more sense in that context. Sorry, I didn’t see your message earlier on Critique Circle. For some reason, it doesn’t send me the notification that I have a message to my gmail. I have to check the site every time.

    I actually think the story could really work well as an opening chapter to a full novel. It had good suspense. Made me want to read Chapter 2.

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