New Blog Name: Praeter Naturam

I decided that the previous title of the blog ( was both a bit boring and also a bit egocentric, so I thought I would come up with a funky, weird new title.

What does it mean?

Praeternatural means beyond nature, and is the more exact term to refer to what happens when demons and fantastic beings do things that are impossible in nature. The more common term supernatural actually refers to things done by divine beings – i.e. above nature, rather than different or outside nature.

Praeter Naturam – are the Latin root words for praeternatural, which is also spelt as preternatural.

I thought that this was a good phrase for summing up what happens when we read and write about things that we know don’t and can’t happen in nature – we are going beyond nature, but often for the very worthwhile purpose of explaining our own world and reality.

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