Songs of the Dying Earth – Signed Copy Now Received!

I received my limited edition copy of the Songs of the Dying Earth compilation, the book of short stories compiled by George R. R. Martin in honour of Jack Vance.

I must say it’s a lovely piece of work, the leather slip case is immaculate and the cover art and illustrations inside the book are great too, but I must admit to rather fannish dribbling when I got to the signature pages – these are real signatures – not copies as postulated by some.  Amazing to see the signatures of so many great writers in one place: Martin, Gaiman, Simmons, and Vance himself.

Now I have to just get on and read some of the stories! Although I almost don’t want to just sit and read this copy like I would a normal book as the production is just so immaculate.

Has any one read any of the stories yet? Which are your favourites?

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