Songs of the Dying Earth – signature worry?

Just read this comment at Wertzone bout possible photocopied signatures in the limited editions of the Songs of the Dying Earth:

“I have carefully examined the signature pages under very bright light and a strong magnifying glass. The signatures don’t look like the result of ink flowing from actual pens in my opinion. And the signatures that superficially look like they were signed with a classic blue ink ballpoint pen left absolutely no impressions in the paper. Even a light touch with a ballpoint compresses the paper a little.”

I really hope this isn’t the case. I have been waiting ages for my copy and it would be real disappointment if the signatures are not ‘real’!

2 thoughts on “Songs of the Dying Earth – signature worry?”

  1. Mark:

    I can assure you that I signed all several hundred of them, and the signatures on different pages (mine and others’) varied considerably.

    The process of binding books involves a certain amount of pressure. That could be the explanation.

    Matt Hughes

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