More Changes to the Middle

I have had a rethink about the middle section of the synopsis:

Roger framed for the murder, but freed [once the Inquisitor is blackmailed to protect the Abbey]

The woman Roger loves, Margery, is arrested on suspicion of witchcraft.

The Inquisitor reads the evidence presented to him by Roger but rejects it out of hand and threatens Roger that if he doesn’t stop he will be arrested or worse as well. [What he’s trying to say is that Edmund will get him.]

There are more murders and this time they affect the richer townspeople. [Why? Because Edmund is angry at the arrogance of the townspeople and their accusations against the Abbey – he thinks the burgesses are scum.] A riot against the abbey ensues and Margery is released.

When Roger sides with the town the Abbot threatens him with excommunication and banishment. He carries out this threat. Roger becomes a priest of the people – an intellectual John Ball character.

John of Gaunt arrives to restore order. Margery fooled into thinking Gaunt will be merciful, but he turns on her. She escapes his amorous clutches using magic.

Gaunt threatens the town with terrible consequences unless Margery is returned.

The townspeople stand firm – there is violence, Gaunt’s men are expelled. The town enjoys ruling itself for a brief day.

After the riot and the failure of Gaunt’s troops to restore order, Edmund takes advantage and terrorises the town at night with his demon and acolyte monks, many dressed as devils and foul creatures of the night. They take the daughter of Jake and others and go to the woods to sacrifice them. His aim is to summon more power – he is power mad/hungry now. He wants to take power over Gaunt and the Abbot completely.

Perhaps this leads to the prayer to the Saint for help – foreshadows that he can help. They release a horde of lepers from a hospital nearby which causes the monks to flee and they get the girl back.

The townspeople are scared, many of them want to give Margery back rather than suffer anymore. There is an argument against this. Does Margery go quietly rather than cause more suffering, she is sacrificing herself? Perhaps Edmund leads her to believe that if she will give in he will stop. He spoke to her during the previous night’s actions.

Margery is betrayed and re-arrested. Roger and Jake in desperation turn to ‘good’ magic and summon the Saint of the town. He will not help them directly, but hints that they should speak to the Inquisitor about a woman called Eloise. 

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