A Proper Baddie for Roger Draper

I think I’ve worked out who my baddie is now in the Roger Draper story. It’s an amoral monk who acts as a necromancer for hire to the highest bidder. It has taken a bit of time to arrive at who the main evil character/antagonist in my story should be – who is actually doing all the killing, as the main plot is really about how the main character, Roger, gets himself and his loved ones into trouble through his investigations, and how his ideals change because of this. The killings that he is investigating were almost secondary. But I think I have this now, and best of all the necromancer antagonist has links to the love of Roger’s life, Margery Haukwake. 

Still on stage 3 of the snowflake method, and have done three of the major characters so far, but I now have six major characters instead of five. I am thinking that I should include a major character as well for each of the groups hiring out the services of the freelance necromancer for hire, as their motivations are key to the murder plot as well. 

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