Snowflake so far

So far so good, I think. I’ve got to stage 3 of the snowflake method without too much drama and found out a lot of solid information about the story and the characters. Stage 3 is to work through important information about each major character: motivation, conflict, resolution, and also a paragraph on the story from the characters perspective, their own personal storyline. I think this is the bit that I have found most useful as it makes you think through the story from the point of view of the character, which adds a lot more depth to the story. 

Currently I’m working with five major characters in the story: Roger, Jake, Margery, the Abbot and the Inquisitor. I have done stage 3 for Roger and Jake. Doing Jake today I realised that the people who were dying at the hands of necromancy were Jake’s friends, other beggars like him who no-one else in the town cares anything about. Thus the reason that Jake helps Roger to solve the mystery and why no-one listens to Roger to start with. 

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