Showers and Early Morning Inspiration

It’s funny how sometimes I have my best ideas first thing in the morning. Must have something to do with the subconscious mind pondering things while I sleep. Anyway, this has meant that this morning rather than doing some research (I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do on the story this morning), I realised in the shower that I sort of knew what the main plot of the story was going to be and I should damn well write it down once I had thought it through a bit more. Well I do have it now. With the addition of some subplots and fleshing of characters I think I should have a good narrative plan. That will be the lengthier bit though – the characters and their motivations and the fitting of the subplots. I think the main plot works though – it has plenty of rising tension, it puts the main protagonist under a lot of pressure, it has a strong antogonist or two, and it brings into focus the themes of the book, which are the search for truth, and whether ends justify means (i.e. torture and suffering caused by witch-hunts). 

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