40 pages of Huillard-Breholles so far!

Not bad going, 40 pages since 23 December, means I am doing pretty well I think. That’s over 2.5 pages a day, and this was slowed quite a bit by Christmas. The Biog part of the book ends at about page 124, which is another 40 pages away, so I should be there in a week or two maybe. The difficulty will be the letters, which apart from an intro in French, are  then in Latin. However, I could perhaps just translate a few of those to get a flavour of his style for now, and then move onto another area.

Also found that Kantorowicz research can be pretty much be taken care of by one long research article, In this time without Emperors, which summarises a lot of the debate about this scholar. I can then scope out whether this subplot can work or not.
I have also been finding the Novel Writer software quite useful for noting down ideas, I’ve had about 9 that I put down in the last week or so!

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