Update: 1st December 2008

Just an update of progress on what I have done today apart from writing this blog!!

This morning and lunchtime I had a good look through Stephen’s feedback for my story Easy River to Success. I think I see what he means, the scene with the demon is a bit cheesy and stereotypical and then leads to a final scene that in some ways doesn’t make much sense, for instance my main character changes from a clever politician to a cat burglar suddenly. I also allude to things too much, the sin of trying to be too clever by half!

So I read through the whole story again and made a number of notes on how to change things. Basically the last two scenes need a complete rewrite, although I might keep some of the bits of good description, and the character of the demon needs development work. I think the story will come out a lot stronger. I’ve even come up with an improved metaphor for the spirit-river. Each spirit has a portion of the river and the nature of the river reflects their power and personality, thus Arax’s portion is a large foetid morass!

I doubt there will be any progress on War Veteran today.