Update: 12 December 2008. Synopsis for last scene of Easy River

The use of the synopsis in planning was discussed at the writers’ circle meeting on Wednesday. I thought I would try this to help me get the rest of Easy River to Success writen. I’ve done this today. Did about 300 words, which I hope to turn into about 1000+ words for the last scene, to leave me with a story just under 5000 in total. The process seemed to work quite well. It can help you work through what you need to cover in the story and where you bring in different bits of information. Also showed me where I need to flesh out some more detail of the setting before actually writing the narrative. 

The test now is whether this makes actually writing it easier. 
I still have the problem of coming up with the details of how the nascent religion of Arax actually works. I haven’t had too much inspiration here yet!

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