Update: 5th December, Last Scene for Easy River now Planned

At last I’ve got a plan for the last scenes of this story! I was struggling I think because some of the ideas I was coming up with were too complex and would have required quite a bit of explanation. The trouble would have been making the story too long just to explain properly what had happened, but without seeming too forced. In fact the idea probably were a bit forced. Nice ideas at the time, but they wouldn’t really have worked. For instance at one stage I was googling silted harbours and seeing how Benetus could be made to cause the silting up of the capital’s harbour as a result of Arax’s mischief. But really would anyone believe that could happen overnight, and how could Arax make Benetus do such as thing. 

So the final idea, I hope, is much simpler and should work better. But, I still have to write it, so we’ll see how that pans out over the next few days. If I don’t start on this tonight for a bit, I’ll definitely be doing some tomorrow. 
And then, and then!! I can get back to War Veteran again, which I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into. The thing I love about that story idea is that it has a bit of politics in it, a bit of sociology, which is quite different for me and I hope something that might intrigue some readers and hopefully an editor into accepting. We’ll see. Back to work now.

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