Daily Summary: 3rd December, a bit more Easy River planning

No point for a daily plan today as I just got on and did half an hours writing this evening when I had time. To be honest it was the last thing I really wanted to do. Not feeling particularly fresh and I find it’s always harder to motivate yourself at the end of the day. Interestingly by knowing that I could only do a blog entry if I had something to record on the writing front, was a motivating factor. I guess the fact that I could put down a marker and say “I’ve acheived something today” helps.

I continued the planning of the last two scenes of Easy River to Success, which, as I thought, are now probably going to be three scenes. The plot of these scenes is still a bit tentative, but I think I have some interesting ideas of how Arax can mess up Benetus quite comprehensively and still have the amusing and bitter reveal at the end. Should be quite fun I think. It was definitely worth spending a bit more time on the characterisation of the demon character. Before it wasn’t really a character, just a stereotype, and the only character left in the story was really Benetus. I think this may have been the problem with it.
So more planning of the last scenes tomorrow I think. I will hope to get them a bit tighter. 

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