Today’s Plan: 2nd December 2008

I probably won’t be getting much done over the next few days as I have a fairly busy work schedule. Today I am at for lunch and then, tomorrow, I have a very early start. I suspect I’ll be lucky to scrape one brief session per day. Ironically it will probably be easier to update this blog than write! Why? Because I feel I need at least 40 minutes ahead of no distractions ahead of me to write properly, whereas a blog can be continued with five or ten minutes here and there.

Today’s plan, if I have time, is to continue with the character work on Arax for Easy River to Success, and then to have a go at rewriting Arax’s scene and the last scene of the story. First though I’ll need to work out some plot elements, such as what does Arax tell Benetus and why, and how does this affect Benetus’s actions in the last scene. 

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