Daily Summary: 1st December 2008

Well I made some progress today I think. As mentioned previously I think I have worked out some of the problems with “The Easy River to Success”. One of these issues I have had the chance to work on tonight: the character of the demon Arax and I have got quite far. I have his basic background and motivations worked out, I just need to see how this is manifested in his outward personality and behaviour towards Benetus.

This is why Arax is to be avoided:

Arax knows that he is not worshipped, he can gaze into the murky water of the swamp and he never sees a temple or sacrifice in his name. He has never heard a heart-felt prayer come to him with the icy wind that blows through the marsh reeds. No sweet incense wafts up from a quagmire and never on a pale green lilly pad does he find offered nicely cooked fish or prawns, with a touch of spicy sauce.

But, on occasion he does assist those who are truly desperate, wizards such as he, hopeful for power and made bitter and desperate by the circumstances. And for these foolish souls he will pay his own coin to the ferryman, luring him off with entreaties to a pleasant fishing pond or charming stream off the main river, and so the boat on the river will drift slowly on with the wizard still asleep, until it bumps against the channels of the shallow water flowing through his marsh, and there the wizard will awake.

Never trust Arax. His promises are mighty and his powers of wizardry are still greater, but he is never happier than when he sees other ambitious hopefuls lured into bitter defeat. Not a crushing disaster, but a more depressing, frustrating twist that fulfils their stated wants but is contrary to their true desires.

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