The Purpose of this Blog

I want to keep a record of what writing I’m doing each day and also plan out what I need to do next, so this blog will act as a journal of this activity. This will also allow me to comment on how I feel my work is going.

Often I’m not actually going to be writing each day. Even with short stories there’s a fair amount of preparation required, such as the background setting and working on the characters, as well as planning the structure of the narrative and editing. So, a daily blog, I think might help keep up the writing skills on a daily basis. In a book by Michael Legat, which I was skimming through recently, the author recommended keeping a daily dairy as a way of getting into the habit of writing. This is what I intend to use this blog for.

Primarily the blog is intended as a blog, a log of activity, not as a way of getting an opinion across to a larger audience or for generating income through referrals or advertising connected to reviews. At some stage I may link the blog to my personal website. But first I need to sort out the content of that website. I have a domain name ready to go, but nothing else!

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