Review of Paprika

Paprika [2006] is another one of those Crazy Japanese Anime, but this time with more of an urban setting, reminiscent of some contemporary Japanese horror but with a lighter touch. In a way it seemed like a film version of something like Watchman in style and tone – quite sinister but funny as well.

The story is about a device called the DC mini which allows the recording of dreams and thus the ability for therapists to help their patients by sharing the dreams of their patients. However, the device is still in development and things go quickly wrong and surreal when one of the maverick scientists working on the device steals it.

The eponymous heroine of the film, Paprika, is an alter ego of one of the other characters, and is involved in the treatment of the police officer responsible for tracking down the missing device.

As the film rapidly progresses, its quite short, the divide between reality, dream and fiction becomes very confused and blurred. I enjoyed the film and would definitely watch it again – lots of thought-provoking moments and some good jokes.

Here’s the trailer:

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